Chicago Bar/ Club Hopping

There is no better way to experience Chicago, then to bar and club hop across all of its hottest locations, most of which can be found along the the historic and prestigious magnificent mile. This district is located on Michigan avenue, and is well known for its vibrant night life and holds some of the hottest bars clubs and restaurants in the world. When you're out on the town partying and club hopping, there is no better place.

The Magnificent Mile isn't the only hot location in Chicago. Sprinkled across the vast city scape, as well as beyond into the suburbs such as Rosemont, are tons of bars and clubs each as with there own unique twists. Our party bus service is capable of taking you to each and every one of these hot locations for a night to remember.

Let us be the designated driver for your big night. So many times when you go party and club hopping, you usually need someone to miss out on the drinking, because he needs to be the one to drive you all home. If you have a big group, there may even be more than one designated driver. When you order a party bus or limo to take care of your group, everyone in the group can drink and have a great time.

Our buses and limos come with some of the best and hottest features in on the market. This allows us to have a leg up on any other competition. We also offer the best and most affordable prices on the market, our comprehensive and personalized pricing scheme means that your night painting the city red, will be very affordable. In fact, with all our great features, we may even become the hottest club/ bar in the city, with you being the VIPs!