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About Chicago Limo Service

A little bit about us!

There are many limo and party bus companies in greater Chicago but you've likely noticed that we have a bit bigger of a fleet and service area than most. (If not all). Well, we didn't start out that way. Chicago Limo Service was a small company at its inception but it's your loyalty and repeat business that has helped us to grow. We keep that energy going full-motion by taking that business and applying it to our fleet and our staff. So, technically, you are the reason that we can serve you better than any company out here can.

We not only 'service' the metropolitan Chicago area, we represent it. There are so many people that are coming into town for the first time - or visiting the city, itself for the first time in many years - and we make it our policy to be sure that when they first experience the Windy City, they are greeted with friendliness and professional service methods. That isn't to say that we don't treat our local clients properly. We treat our neighbors with the same amount of respect as we always have; which, to many that have done business with us is a lot.

As we said elsewhere on our site, feel free to contact us with inquiries or comments of any kind. It is that very communication that makes us relevant in our industry in the first place. We are constantly building not only a better fleet of vehicles for you but also improved practices.

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Some Popular Chicago Events!

Lakefront Sightseeing

More-and-more people, every year, wish to see all that there is to see along our exciting shoreline area - while not fussing with traffic, navigation, etc. That's what we are here for! Take your time, take it all in and enjoy yourself and the positively top-notch vehicle that you decide upon.


Having unbelievable fun can be safe! That is precisely what we make sure of when trusted with the important and memorable nights of your teens. It truly is win-win. Your teen rides in style, and you have peace of mind. Give the area's #1 homecoming and prom limo service company a call.

Bachelorette Parties

With such an entertainment-based city, there is a never-ending amount of places that you likely will want to visit. We'll make sure that you experience as many as possible, that you don't have to worry about the responsbility of driving while you are out having fun and also that you are able to take everyone with you!

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