Chicago Face Painters

There are many activities that are pretty universal when it comes to kids' entertainment. But of all of the options, face painting remains the enduring favorite. And amazingly, it is attractive to both boys and girls which you do not find with most activities. For the girls they can always have fun with the princess motif or something like butterflies and fairies. While the buys enjoy superheroes. It is all part of the magic of playing dress up. But we do have to say that as wonderful as it is to have a face painter at your party, it is not an easy hire. There are many things that you need to be aware of as you start your search throughout the Chicago area. You need to find out about what kind of hygiene techniques they use, if they use safe paint, if they carry insurance and much, much more. Don't worry because we're writing this to assist you. Keep this guide handy wherever this search takes you, it will help you narrow your search down to that one candidate who will be perfect for your birthday party.

So, how does one go about finding face painters in the Chicago area? Well, you can start by talking to your family, friends and coworkers. See if anyone you know has ever booked a face painter or at least had a great experience with one or seen one in action at a birthday party. Hopefully this route will give you a couple of names at least. Then of course we insist that you make use of digital hubs of information. Hit the search service your prefer and seek out “face painters near me.” We are certain that you will have numerous websites returned to you that you can start checking out. Start perusing them one by one and decide which ones you think look like they are worthy of being checked out further. Start calling your list of names and find out which of the candidates are available on the date of the birthday. When you find out which ones are, setup an interview time with those and get ready to ask the exact same questions of each candidate.

Alright, so when you start to conduct your interviews, there is certain information that you must ask about. Start out by asking to see samples of their work. They should be able to show you a portfolio of what they are capable of and possibly a video of how they work at a party. What kind of paints do they use? Are they safe? Make sure that whatever they are using that it is FDA and Child Safety certified paints. Make sure that they always opt on the side of caution. Talk about what they are capable of painting on the face. Do they do full face and half face? What about other body parts like arms, legs, necks, etc. How do they handle lines if they start to form? How much will their services cost? Do they charge by the hour or by the face? What will you need to provide? Upon finishing all of the interviews, go home and sit down to discuss and compare of of your candidates. One particular face painter should emerge as the one who will make your son or daughter's birthday party an absolute blast.